Mitch Mallahan

Mitch Mallahan has been playing music since before he was born. His mother sang and played bass in a country band while pregnant with him (really, I swear). Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Mitch was exposed to the classic country that his mom loved, the 70s and 80s rock that his dad spun on vinyl, and the indie driven grunge rock of Seattle.

Like most teenagers, he played football and golf, but, unlike most teenagers, his true passion was writing songs. After playing in several bands, he felt that the best place for him to hone his craft was Nashville. 

After the 37 hour drive, he quickly jumped into the Nashville scene. He started at Tootsies and worked his way around Broadway. He also immersed himself in the songwriting scene, learning everything he could from anyone who would teach him. When it came time to write and record his debut album, he wanted to pay tribute to all of his musical influences while developing his own sound and style by telling his own story.